Yohei Hayakawa, from Japan’s top iTunes podcast KIQMAGA, will interview A-listers such as best selling authors, entrepreneurs, athletes, and artists from Japan and the world. Each episode will highlight turning points in their life and their secrets for being successful. The goal of the podcast LIFE UPDATE is to share inspiring stories to help the audience change and update their lives one story at a time. LIFE UPDATE launches as a new show after KIQMAGA in December 2017.

Website: http://kiqmaga.com

iTunes: https://goo.gl/JU4e8V



■Total Downloads: 15,797,575(Dec.2009~Jun.2017)
■ Monthly Downloads : about 210,000/ month (July.2016~Jun.2017)
■Total Episodes: 455
■Total guests on the show: 169
■Number of Subscribers: 75,418(as of June 2017)
■ Main Audience: Japanese living in JAPAN, US, UK, Spain, France, Germany and all over the world.
■No.1 in iTunes Podcasts Business Category (Japan, 2017)
■iTunes Top Recommended Podcast(Japan, 2017)