Media Journalist Yohei Hayakawa
Yohei Hayakawa is a journalist, interviewer, and a CEO of KIQTAS Co.,Ltd, a company known for producing podcasts for well-known Japanese authors and celebrities.

Hayakawa’s background is in journalism, and in 2008 he started his podcast career interviewing authors such as Banana Yoshimoto, Tokiko Kato, Shuntaro Torigoe, Kenichiro Mogi, Ira Ishida, Tsuyoshi Takashiro, and many more. Altogether, he has conducted over 150 interviews with A-list celebrities and best selling authors in Japan. His podcast programs KIQMAGA/LIFE UPDATE , has been downloaded 15 million times since the launch in 2009.

Hayakawa’s interviews with Japanese celebrities have been featured in TV commercials with worldwide known brands such as UNIQLO and Nescafe.

As the CEO of KIQTAS Co.,Ltd., Hayakawa produces podcasts and other media material for individual clients, companies and organizations. Some of the most successful projects he worked on are ‘Dear Ken’ with the best selling author Ken Honda, a very popular program with a total of 26 million downloads, Yokohama Museum’s ‘Radio museum’, Tama University Channel, Shuntaro Torigoe’s craftsman channel, and ‘The Trading Company Man’ (C.Itoh & Co., Ltd).

Hayakawa’s lifework project is ‘Memories of War’ in which he interviews World War 2 survivors in Japan to share their stories of the war.

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